To Create a New Project File using the example Generic Templates from The Cloud,  Start Optimumcut-1D v3, Click File & New then click Online  then peruse and select the example generic component templates to Insert as Copy into your project.

Once the component template has been downloaded, it can be renamed to suit the project specific requirements, eg ‘North Elevation Ground Floor Type 1‘ , Master Quantity can be changed and  a host of other important technical items can be changed including Project Colour, Ironmongery, Glazing, Panels, Miscellaneous Items etc. A project can consist of  unlimited quantities, styles and configurations of component templates.

Users can edit the widths and heights of the component  by clicking View/Edit and launching their preferred CAD editor to Stretch (Extend or Reduce) the widths and heights. Optimumcut-1D v3  will automatically save away the modified component and use the revised sizes. Check out the following post for more information . Read More

Most importantly users can create their own Component Templates for their own Architectural Glazing Systems. Users are NOT just limited to Architectural Glazing Systems, almost any manufacturing product can be created within Optimumcut-1D v3.  The variations of products are limitless. Once a Library of Component Templates are created users can quickly design, estimate, sell, manufacture & install their components.