Optimumcut-1D v3 Product Development

Once we had components in Optimumcut-1D, we needed to make it easier to re-use them in a new project at different sizes without having to manually recalculate all of the material lengths required.

The original idea was to extrapolate some simple concepts such as “Height” and “Width” and allow you to use these within a simple formula when specifying the lengths. You could enter a sequence of lengths like this.

Part Description Length Quantity
Part 1 Height 2
Part 2 Width – 10mm 2
Part 3 Height – 20mm 4

Our idea quickly progressed into the concept of a fully user-customisable list of parameters for each component. Within the component, you can specify a list of parameters with their associated length.

Parameter definition

Within the same component, you can then use these parameters in any field where you must specify a length.

Parameter usage within equations

This allows you to re-use any previously created component in a new project and adjust the size of the component as appropriate.