What is Optimumcut-1D v4 Professional ?

The #1 Industry trusted 1D-Cutting Optimization & Component Creation Software Tool

Optimumcut-1D Professional 1D Cutting Software typically offers a more extensive set of features and capabilities compared to the Optimumcut-1D Standard version.

The Professional version includes advanced component creation features, advanced optimization algorithms, additional customization options, and enhanced reporting and visualization tools.

These added features are geared towards users with more complex manufacturing optimization needs or larger-scale projects.

Component Creation:

To create a manufactured component using Optimumcut-1D Professional, a comprehensive approach integrating various elements is essential. Beginning with Formula Parameters, engineers or designers develop precise calculations to determine dimensions, tolerances, and specifications tailored to the component’s function and requirements. Accessories such as fasteners, connectors, and brackets are selected to enhance the component’s functionality and assembly process, ensuring compatibility and efficiency. Sheet goods, including metals, plastics, glass or composites, are carefully sourced and cut to size using advanced machinery or tools, adhering to the predetermined formulas and specifications. Linear cut materials, such as bars, tubes, or profiles, are optimized using Optimumcut-1D, minimizing waste and maximizing material utilization. Additionally, Miscellaneous items such as seals, gaskets, or silicone pointing may be incorporated to enhance durability, performance, and aesthetics. Through meticulous planning, precision engineering, and effective utilization of resources, a manufactured component is realized with optimal functionality, quality, and cost-effectiveness.

Bill of Materials (BOM) Reports:

A comprehensive list of all materials and parts required to manufacture the component is included in the BOM Reports. This includes linear materials, accessories such as fasteners, sheet goods, and any other miscellaneous necessary items.

Software Installation:

We provide customers with the necessary installation file and setup package for Optimumcut-1D Professional  to be deployed to your computer system. You can download the software from our website’s registered members portal.

User Interface and Setup:

Upon installation, Optimumcut-1D Professional presents a user-friendly interface that allows you to set up your cutting projects. You can create components and input details such as formula parameters, material type, linear material lengths, quantities sheet goods, accessories, miscellaneous items, cutting constraints, and optimization preferences.

Material and order entry:

Users can input details of the stock material and order requirements, such as lengths, quantities, and additional constraints.

Optimization Algorithms:

Optimumcut-1D Professional utilizes our own developed advanced commercial optimization algorithms to generate optimized cutting plans. Our algorithms analyze the input data and constraints to determine the most efficient cutting layouts, minimizing waste and maximizing material utilization.

Waste minimization:

Optimumcut-1D Professional minimize’s waste by intelligently arranging the cuts to utilize the available stock material effectively.


The software provides graphical representations of the cutting patterns, allowing users to visualize and understand the optimized cutting plans.


Optimumcut-1D generates detailed reports that include the optimized cutting patterns, quantities, lengths, and any remaining waste or reusable offcuts.

Cutting Reports and Labels:

Once the optimization process is complete, Optimumcut-1D Professional provides you with detailed cutting reports and labels. These reports typically include cutting layouts including cross reference labelling of each cut piece, material usage statistics, cutting sequence, and labels for easy identification of cut pieces.

Integration with CNC Machinery:

Optimumcut-1D Standard seamlessly integrates with CNC machinery for automated cutting operations. We provide the necessary CNC Saw Link output files or instructions that can be used by CNC machines to execute the cutting plans. This integration streamlines the cutting process, reduces manual errors, and improves overall efficiency.

Customization and Settings:

With Optimumcut-1D Professional, you have the flexibility to customize various settings to match your specific requirements. You can adjust parameters related to optimization preferences, cutting constraints, labeling options, and reporting formats.

Technical Support:

We offer comprehensive technical support to assist you with any questions, issues, or troubleshooting related to Optimumcut-1D Professional. You can reach out to us through email, or our online ticketing system.

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Completely redesigned. For your pricing, accuracy, optimization, schedulng, reporting and manufacturing pleasure.

Maximise Yield, Minimise Waste, Save Time, Save Money

The best industry trusted stand alone 1d linear material cutting list generator just got even better.

Optimumcut-1D Cutting FeaturesOptimumcut-1D v4 Free TrialOptimumcut-1D v4 StdOptimumcut-1D v4 ProOptimumcut-1D v4 Server
Advanced Component creation features, driven by formulas, accessories, sheet goods, linear materials & miscellaneous items
Server mode for unattended optimisations running as a Windows service (Restricted in Trial Mode)
Server mode - Drag & Drop an *.OC1D *.OPT or *.CSV cutting project file into the Servers configured Projects Folder on your Corporations Network Server
Server mode automatically optimizes and stores results within configured Projects Folder on your Corporations Network
Ability to import a profile image for each material, AutoCAD *.dwg, *.bmp, *.jpg, *.gif
Mill Order Optimization Feature - Auto Calculation of Optimum Stock Lengths from a Specified minimum and maximum Manufacture Extrusion Length, based upon a Specified increment Range.
Multiple Optimization Project Panes, Including multiple Materials per Project
Optimize Multiple Materials simultaneously under 1 Project Name
Enhanced Optimized Reports. Saved as *.PDF files. Optimumcut have hard coded 'PDF Report' creation functionality into all of our software products. This is simply a friendly reminder that might just save a little more paper and encourage some to think twice about other documents that may not need to be printed.
Enhanced Optimized Reports. Saved as *.HTML files. Ideal for users that are required to publish Optimized results to an Intranet or website.
Optimized 'Export' Feature can be programmed to link directly to CNC Saw ***
Copy a Selected Material Wizard including Addition or Subtraction of a specified length to be applied to next material. Saves time re-typing Saw Cut Lengths over and over.
Custom Style Menus and Toolbar's
Easy to use and easy to understand for all types of users
It is a real 1d cutting list creation optimization tool
Unlimited different parts to cut**
Unlimited different cut from (supply) lengths**
Optimization algorithm allows optimization of Any Size Input Data**
Interactive response for highly demanding loads. (ie large cutting lists with many thousands of parts and pieces to cut) Optimumcut-1D compares the pc's memory resources with data processing needs, then suggests actions to obtain a real time solution.
User can specify whether to maximise the yield or whether to maximise the order of cut items to group similar cuts.
Can calculate optimization based upon materials cost. ie: enter stock offcuts at cheaper cost than primary stock materials and program will absorb cheaper offcuts in optimization.
Can record materials lists and cutting patterns lists
Compensation for the saw cut or shear thickness
Compensation for bar end trimming to allow for any damage in supply lengths
Any measurement unit, metric, imperial, decimal. feet & inches etc
New OPEN & SAVE *.csv data file format which is compatible with spreadsheet programs
Export optimized output data to spreadsheets *.csv files
Detailed graphic optimized cutting reports
Printing of cut parts labels, comprehensive labels database, also the program can print labels using Microsoft Word.
Option for graphically detailing cutting reports mitred end cut angles of pieces cut
Identification of each supply length
Identification of each piece cut
Identification of each pieces, Mitre Angle End Cuts
Pieces Cut - Detailed Customisable Reference Label Generation
Timing module to calculate cutting production times
Pricing module to calculate material costs

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