Optimumcut-1D v3 Product Development

It is sometimes desirable to optimise multiple projects at once so they can be processed in the factory at the same time to benefit from economies of scale. Optimumcut-1D v3 Standard & Professional can undertake stock cutting optimisation of all linear materials in multiple projects at once. Individual projects can then be maintained for producing customer facing reports if each project represents different customers, different stages or phases of a large project.

To open multiple projects at the same time, multiple files can be selected in the File / Open dialog. This can be achieved via selecting a region with the mouse or by using the Ctrl or Shift keys to extend the selection.

Multiple Project Open Dialog

There are some rules that users should be aware of when optimising multiple projects in a single report.

  • Each project must have the same length and weight units.
  • The description and notes fields are appended together with a carriage return between each project.
  • Only one project image can be used so the image is taken from the first project that contains an image.
  • All component and material collections are merged together by name. If multiple materials or components share a name but have different specifications then the information from the first one is used.

After opening multiple projects, the main window remains in its previous state and the optimised results window is shown for all selected projects,

Multiple Project Optimised Results