Optimumcut-1D v3 Product Development

Only a few years ago, multi-processor computers were reserved for professional level workstations and servers. With the advent of multi-core processors, even entry level computers can now gain the multi-tasking benefits of the old multi-processor workstations.

For Optimumcut-1D v3, we wanted to take advantage of this by allowing multiple linear materials to be nested and optimised concurrently and hence utilise the maximum benefit from today’s modern hardware. The cutting optimisation of each linear material is assigned its own thread and this allows the operating system to run each thread simultaneously. On an 8 core development PC, this allows the stock cutting linear material optimisation of an entire project to be performed nearly 8 times as fast as Optimumcut-1D v2 would have managed.

The progress of the stock cutting linear material optimisation can be tracked in real time and once completed the yield is shown.

Multi-Threaded Optimisation

If we look at Windows Task Manager during this linear material optimisation, you can see that Optimumcut-1D v3 is utilising well over 80% of all 8 cores. The only problem we have now is trying to justify the purchase of a computer with even more processor cores!

Window Task Manager