Optimumcut-1D v3 Product Development

Since the release of Optimumcut-1D LITE in early 2005, we have been very aware of the type of software our customers want us to produce. Before we released Optimumcut-1D LITE, we experimented with making our software similar to our competitors’ products and producing what might be described as ‘typical enterprise software’. This consisted of locally installed client software that connected to a database on the network.

Our customers did not like this enterprise type of software. They wanted simple client software that runs on any PC without having to be connected to the corporate database. Optimumcut-1D LITE was the result of this and its popularity meant our other products were discontinued. Eventually it was rebranded as Optimumcut-1D v2.

When we started discussing what we wanted from v3, we knew a database would allow us to implement many of the features we wanted. A couple of the big features we wanted were.

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  • Componentisation of designs. Parts of a project should be componentised and these components should be reusable in future projects.
  • Material management so unused material from one project can be fed into the next project.


Software products from our competitors provided these features by relying on a database. We soon realised this would become our key challenge for v3. Solving this challenge in a simple and intuitive product would then become one of our key selling points.