How does Optimumcut-1D linear material optimization software optimize primary and secondary structural steelwork linear materials


Optimumcut-1D can optimize the cutting of linear materials used in primary and secondary structural steelwork in construction projects. Here’s how it can optimize such materials:

Efficient material usage:

The software determines the most efficient cutting patterns for linear materials such as steel beams, columns, angles, and channels. By optimizing the cutting layouts, it minimizes waste and maximizes the utilization of raw material stock, leading to cost savings and reduced environmental impact.

Calculate optimum stock lengths:

The Calculate Optimum Length feature within Optimumcut-1D enables a user to calculate the optimum length of material to purchase as a special custom extrusion length for a production order. This length is calculated between the minimum extrusion length available, the incremental length the extrusion can be purchased (e.g. 25mm or 1″ increments) and the maximum extrusion length available. Optimumcut-1D will run through methodically and quickly every increment length and advise the optimal extrusion length and quantity required to fulfil your linear cutting project, maximising yield and minimising waste.

Customizable cutting plans:

Users can input specific requirements for the structural steelwork, such as beam lengths, column lengths, quantities, and any constraints or limitations. Optimumcut-1D then generates cutting plans tailored to these requirements, optimizing material usage while adhering to the specified constraints.

Optimization algorithms:

The software employs advanced optimization algorithms to find the most efficient cutting patterns based on the given inputs. These algorithms consider factors such as stock material lengths, structural member lengths, connection details, and order quantities to minimize waste and maximize material utilization.

Accessory scheduling:

Optimumcut-1D can also schedule all accessories associated with the project including fixings, brackets, panels, etc.


Optimumcut-1D provides graphical representations of the cutting patterns, allowing users to visualize and understand the optimized cutting plans. This helps users assess the efficiency of the cutting plans and make any necessary adjustments before fabrication and construction.


The software generates detailed reports that include the optimized cutting patterns, quantities, lengths, and any remaining waste. These reports are valuable for tracking material usage, estimating project costs, and optimizing future production runs for structural steelwork.

By utilizing Optimumcut-1D for optimizing primary and secondary structural steelwork linear materials, construction companies and fabricators can streamline their fabrication processes, reduce material waste, and improve overall efficiency in structural steel construction projects. This can lead to cost savings, enhanced project timelines, and improved competitiveness in the construction industry.

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