End of Support Optimumcut-1D v2.0

End of Support Optimumcut-1D v2.0 1D Cutting Optimizer

As of March 01, 2014 Optimumcut Software will no longer provide any software updates or customer support for Optimumcut-1D v2.0 linear material 1D Cutting Optimizer. Please refer to the Optimumcut product lifecycle policy for more information. Optimumcut is committed to providing high-quality, cost-effective linear material optimisation and ERP manufacturing software solutions to our customers. Rapidly changing technologies and customer feature requests influence the level, timing and character of demand for particular product versions and components. All of this drives the need to introduce new products and services as well as to end support for older software versions. To assist our customers in this regard, we provide a clear Optimumcut product lifecycle policy to assist in planning decisions around using and upgrading both Optimumcut-1D versions, associated products and the environment in which it is running.

The changing face of Optimumcut-1D linear material optimisation software through the years

We have now been developing Optimumcut linear material optimisation software for over 20 years and decided to take a few historic screenshots of our software to highlight the changes in technologies and how our product features have grown over the years.

Optimumcut-1D v1.2 1D Cutting Optimizer

  • Product Features: 24
  • Development Environment: Delphi
  • Date of availability: June, 01 2003
  • End of Sales: June, 01 2006
  • End of Support: June, 01 2007

Optimumcut-1D LITE 1D Cutting Optimizer

  • Product Features: 24+
  • Development Environment: Visual Studio
  • Date of availability: May, 25 2005
  • End of Sales: July, 25 2008
  • End of Support: July, 25 2009

Optimumcut-1D v2.0 1D Cutting Optimizer

  • Product Features: 30+
  • Development Environment: Visual Studio
  • Date of availability: January, 01 2008
  • End of Sales: March, 01 2013
  • End of Support: March, 01 2014

Optimumcut-1D v3.0 1D Cutting Optimizer & ERP Manufacturing Solution

  • Product Features: 50+
  • Development Environment: Visual Studio
  • Date of availability: September, 10 2012
  • End of Sales: March 01 2020
  • End of Support: March 01 2022

Optimumcut-1D v4.0 1D Cutting Optimizer & ERP Manufacturing Solution

  • Product Features: 70+
  • Development Environment: Visual Studio
  • Date of availability: January 01 2020
  • End of Sales: to be determined
  • End of Support: to be determined
End of Support Optimumcut-1D v2.02024-02-18T13:52:34+00:00

Optimumcut-1D v2.2.2

Product Release Notes:

  • Optimumcut-1D v2.2.2.28649
  • Fixed bug in Optimiser Max Yield v1 when using a large number of stock lengths.
  • This is the final release of Optimumcut-1D Professional v2 & Optimumcut-1D Server v2
  • Product will be re-branded and major product released as Optimumcut-1D Standard v3, Optimumcut-1D Professional v3 & Optimumcut-1D Server v3 in the Autumn of 2012.
  • Optimumcut-1D v3 is Ideally suited for the Design, Estimating, Sales, Scheduling,  Optimization, Manufacture, Delivery & Installation of curtainwall, window wall, shopfronts, storefronts, windows, doors, automatic doors, brise soleil, rooflights and structural steelwork etc


Optimumcut-1D v2.2.22024-02-18T13:57:09+00:00

Optimumcut-1D v2.2.1

Product Release Notes:

  • Optimumcut-1D v2.2.1.37776
  • Optimumcut Server Configuration support Windows User Account control to elevate privileges.


Optimumcut-1D v2.2.12024-02-18T13:57:25+00:00

Optimumcut-1D v2.2.0

Product Release Notes:

  • Optimumcut-1D v2.2.0.26523
  • New On-Line activation mechanism allows users to transfer licence between computers.


Optimumcut-1D v2.2.02024-02-18T13:57:32+00:00

Optimumcut-1D v2.1.8

Product Release Notes:

  • Optimumcut-1D v2.1.8.35308
  • Internal refactoring.
Optimumcut-1D v2.1.82024-02-18T13:57:38+00:00

Optimumcut-1D v2.1.7

Product Release Notes:

  • Optimumcut-1D v2.1.7.34467
  • Internal refactoring.


Optimumcut-1D v2.1.72024-02-18T13:58:12+00:00

Optimumcut-1D v2.1.6

Product Release Notes:

  • Optimumcut-1D v2.1.6
  • Bug fix when enabling or disabling additional material parameters.
  • Enhanced feedback whilst exporting.
  • RazorGage RDB DLL.
Optimumcut-1D v2.1.62024-02-18T13:58:19+00:00

Optimumcut-1D v2.1.5

Product Release Notes:

  • Optimumcut-1D v2.1.5
  • Optimumcut-1D for Athena live release.
  • Support for non-CSV export Dlls
  • Elumatec DGX export DLL.
  • Time limited trial mode available.
  • Fix for optimisations with bar-end-trim less than or equal to saw thickness.
  • Supports additional material parameters.
Optimumcut-1D v2.1.52024-02-18T13:58:25+00:00

Optimumcut-1D v2.1.4

Product Release Notes:

  • Optimumcut-1D v2.1.4.32984
  • v2.1.4 (28-May-2009) Athena imperial file type fix.
Optimumcut-1D v2.1.42024-02-18T13:58:31+00:00

Optimumcut-1D v2.1.3

Product Release Notes:

  • Optimumcut-1D v2.1.3.30611
  • Memory overflow fix in large optimisations.
  • Advertisement for Stock Optimiser introduced.
  • Degree symbol added to Cuts grid.
Optimumcut-1D v2.1.32024-02-18T13:58:37+00:00
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