Calculate optimum length, stock optimizer, mill order optimization. 

Optimumcut-1D v3 Professional incorporates an automatic calculation of stock length feature entitled Calculate Optimum Length formerly known as Stock Optimizer in Optimumcut-1D v2 Professional.

The Calculate Optimum Length feature enables a user to calculate the optimum length of material to purchase as a special custom extrusion length for a project. This length is calculated between the minimum extrusion length available, the incremental length the extrusion can be purchased (e.g. 25mm or 1″ increments) and the maximum extrusion length available.

Optimumcut-1D v3 Professional will run through methodically and quickly every increment length and advise the optimal extrusion length and quantity required to fulfil your linear cutting project, maximising yield and minimising waste.

The Calculate Optimum Length function is commonly utilized by curtainwall, unitised curtainwall and window fabricators who have large architectural facades to process and procure.  These companies usually have enough time available to purchase project specific custom extrusion lengths to take full advantage of the mill order optimization process.

Below are screenshots in both Metric and Imperial units.

calculate optimum stock length


















calculate optimum length metric