CAD Image Viewing .DWG & .DXF from within the Optimumcut-1D v3 user interface.

Now that Optimumcut-1D has full support for embedded DWG and DXF images within online components, local components and project files, a common usage scenario is to want to quickly view the embedded .DWG or .DXF image from within the Optimumcut-1D v3 Professional interface.

Optimumcut-1D Professional supports AutoCAD ® (Full or LITE) or BricsCAD ® (Classic) .DWG and .DXF format drawings.

Right clicking on the image will display a context menu allowing the CAD image image to be viewed in Model Space, Elevation Layout,  Sections Layout or Specification Layout. (Or any other defined Layout)

Users can Double Click the Scroll Wheel of their mouse to ‘Zoom Extents’ or use the Scroll Wheel of their mouse to ‘Zoom In’ and to Zoom Out’. To pan the drawing simply hold down the ‘Left Mouse’ key and move the image up, down, left or right.

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Not only can users view the .DWG or .DXF drawings, they can fully edit all associated sizes and lengths which are automatically updated within the Optimumcut-1D Professional interface. Read More. The Template Formulas coded within the template automatically update, so no more manually editing lengths or sizes. Read More. Users quite simply have their own fabrication manual embedded within each Component.