Optimumcut Software product lifecycle fact sheet

Every Optimumcut Software product has a particular lifecycle. The lifecycle will begin when a product has been released and ends when it is no longer supported or being sold. We believe it is important for our existing customers and potential new customers to know about our key dates in this lifecycle to help you all make informed decisions about when to upgrade or consider making changes to your existing Optimumcut software product package. Please find listed below the Optimumcut Software products lifecycle.

End of sales

End of sales refers to the date when a particular Optimumcut Software product package is no longer sold, leased or shipped to customers. It is a very good idea to think about upgrading to the latest software product package when this happens.

The table below provides end of sales dates for specific Optimumcut Software product packages.

Product PackageDate of availabilitySoftware end of sales
Optimumcut-1D v1.0June 01, 2003June 01, 2006
Optimumcut-1D LITE May 25, 2005July 25, 2008
Optimumcut-1D v2.0January 01, 2008March 01, 2013
Optimumcut-1D v3.0September 10, 2012To be determined

End of support

End of support refers to the date when Optimumcut Software will no longer provide any software updates or customer support.

The table below provides end of support dates for specific Optimumcut Software product packages.

Product PackageEnd of support
Optimumcut-1D v1.0June 01, 2007
Optimumcut-1D LITE July 25, 2009
Optimumcut-1D v2.0March 01, 2014
Optimumcut-1D v3.0to be determined

*Customer support is provided by email and through our Members Portal Help Desk due to supporting customers from various time zones.

**If your support and maintenance subscription has expired or been cancelled you will not receive any further software updates or email customer support and the Optimumcut software package will become deactivated until you renew your subscription.


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