Our new Marketing Video

Optimumcut-1D v3 Marketing Video

We’ve just released a new video that briefly presents the features and benefits of Optimumcut-1D v3 Professional.

The Idea

While we are working on a number of  product training videos that will give detailed information on our product functions & features, we wanted this video to be a little different.  We needed a short yet simple video to explain what Optimumcut-1D v3 Professional is, who it is for, and what it’s benefits are.  The concept would be to apply the result of our idea in a couple of different ways:

Use as a ‘word of mouth’  & ‘spread the word’ marketing tool

Having spoken to a number of key customers who said they would recommend the range of Optimumcut Software products to their professional work colleagues. One of their most common requests was for a video that could be forwarded to colleagues that would give a 2 minute overview of the software in a simple and fun way.

As a feature of our homepage

There is a lot of content and page links on the Optimumcut Software homepage.  For some potential customers that have the time to read and divulge the content it is a fitness for purpose page,  they enjoy reading the content and  find themselves browsing the many linked pages we have on the site that describe our products and features.  However we also realise that many potential customers searching for a software solution like Optimumcut-1D v3 Professional are here to save time and money and swiftly identify the product they have been searching for.  We have placed a short and friendly marketing video on the homepage to encourage potential customers to sign up for a free trial !


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