Co-operative relationships
Optimumcut Software maintains a co-operative relationship with the following Companies

Optimumcut maintain regular working relationships with our business partners. These partnerships enable Optimumcut to enhance our  software and provide up to date feature rich products and technologies, which interact seamlessly with our partners products simplifying and streamlining the manufacture processes within the Architectural Aluminium, Glass, Glazing & Manufacturing Industries.





The Microsoft Partner Network has helped support Optimumcut Software achieve our goals by providing the tools and resources we require to develop our business software. Microsoft has strengthened our capabilities allowing us to better serve our customers, and build connections to reach our full business potential. 



Optimumcut partnership with TigerStop

The Optimumcut range of software products undertake stock cutting optimisation, linear material length nesting and natively link linear optimized cutting lists to the range of Tigerstop Pusher Systems and Saws. With this invaluable time saving and cost saving interface, users of our Optimumcut Software products can import their cut lists or work orders directly into TigerStop systems for processing.

Tigerstop are the Global leader in automatic stop / gauge and pusher systems, over the past decade more than 18,000 Tigerstop units have been installed worldwide.