About Us

Serving the Architectural Aluminium, Glass, Glazing and Manufacturing Industries
Located in the United Kingdom, Optimumcut was initially set up to provide an ‘on-line’ linear material optimization and cutting data procurement service, for both large and small commercial architectural aluminium manufacturing company’s within the fenestration, glass and glazing industry.

With over 30+ Years of Architectural Glazing knowledge we came to realize that their were many Architectural Aluminium, Glass & Glazing companies who were either unable to process and optimize, complex shaped curtain wall and glazed shopfront screens using their own in-house software or who did not have any in-house software to produce optimized cutting lists.

Our ‘on-line’ customers requested we develop an offline ‘stand-alone’ (1 dimension) cutting list generator and linear material optimization software tool, hence the development of the  Optimumcut 1D range of products.

Visual Basic, C#, C++ & Delphi Programmers from around the world have requested we develop a competitively priced user friendly linear optimization dynamic link library component for implementation into their own specialist software solutions that require linear material optimization, hence the development of Optimumcut Optilib.dll.

Continuing our commitment to our customers requirements we have developed Optimumcut-1D LITE to enable new users to hit-the-ground-running and quickly produce optimized cutting lists.

Following the success of Optimumcut-1D LITE we ‘re-branded’ Optimumcut-1D LITE Standard, Professional & Server to become Optimumcut-1D Professional & Optimumcut-1D Server. The decision was made to bundle all of the functionality of LITE Standard & LITE Professional into one product, Optimumcut-1D Professional.

Optimumcut have developed Optimumcut-1D Excel, designed and developed as a Plug-In specifically for customers who like using the Microsoft Excel working environment to generate their optimized cutting lists.

Optimumcut Software are now registered members of the Microsoft Partner Program and it is our commitment to our customers to ensure our products are always up-to-date and are fully compatible with the latest Microsoft Operating Systems….

Optimumcut are currently in the process of developing ERP software for the Architectural Aluminium, Glass Glazing & Manufacturing Industries.

Public Release September 2012, Optimumcut 1D v3 allows users to Design, Estimate, Sell, Schedule, Optimize, Manufacture, Deliver and Install their Architectural Aluminium, Glass, Glazing & Manufacturing products in a simple to use easy to understand interface. No more need to pay extortionate costs for specialists to program your component databases. Put in a nutshell you can do-it-yourself.

Our Mission:

Is to become the first and only choice for our customers by providing cost effective and accurate software solutions, designed to exceed customer expectations.

Optimumcut and the Environment:

It is our goal to promote processing efficiency and obtain maximum yield and minimum waste  with resulting real impacts on our customers business performance.

Proudly reducing our customers Carbon Footprint since 2001

Since the introduction of the Carbon Trust International Initiative in 2001, Optimumcut Software has made it one of of our key objectives to lower our UK, USA & International based customers Carbon Emissions by Maximising Materials Yields and Minimising waste with our own in-house developed commercial Linear Optimization Algorithms. Optimumcut have developed over the last 12 years our own commercial Cutting Stock Problem (CSP)  1d linear optimization algorithms which resolve the CSP in a fast and accurate way. Our solutions calculate and display exactly how to obtain the best yield from stock lengths and re-useable off-cuts of profiles. Go ahead and Obtain the Maximum from a Minimum® with Optimumcut Software®


Optimumcut Providing Greener Business Solutions:

Do you really need to print your Optimized Cutting Reports or E-mails ? Optimumcut have hard coded PDF Report creation functionality into all of our software products. This is simply a friendly reminder that might just save a little more paper and encourage some to think twice about other documents that may not need to be printed. Optimumcut Software’s range of products promote processing efficiency and obtain maximum yield and minimum waste with resulting real impacts on our customers business performance. Optimumcut are proud to provide Greener Business Solutions. Go ahead and Obtain the Maximum from a Minimum® with Optimumcut Software ® Thank you

Optimumcut Software Business Team